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Quiets & Smoothes Noisy Engines

Extends Engine Life & Reduces Wear

Increases Fuel Economy with Each Use

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Protecting people’s engines since 1988

Unlock your engine's true potential

Experience increased horsepower, smoother operation, and reduced noise and vibration. Feel the difference in every drive!

Save Money, Drive Further

Tired of filling up so often? Prolube helps you go further on each tank, saving you money at the pump. Fill up less, drive more!

Built For Power

You like pushing your engine to the limit? Prolube's special formula provides extra protection under demanding conditions. Drive confidently, no matter the journey.

Extend Your Engine’s Life

Keep your engine running strong and save money on costly repairs. Prolube conditions metal components, doubles oil life, and minimizes wear. Invest in your ride, choose Prolube!


Real People. Real Results.

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Never was once a fan of additives but now I use ProLube like franks hot sauce. I put that sh!t in everything! Best additive ever, thank you Prolube!
Bill C. - Verified Buyer
I ordered the prolube for my 1991 Mustang GT and for my 1979 Corvette I notice a difference in both vehicles, after adding with a new oil change. Both cars ran smoother and quieter.
Joe P. - Verified Buyer
Product seems to be doing what it's intended to do. My truck seems to be running smoother. I have added it on 2 oil changes so far.
Sean S. - Verified Buyer
This is the best find on TikTok to date! So thrilled to have found you and your engine saver! The proof is most certainly in the puddin'!
T Mulvaney - Verified Buyer
I run 1 quart/10 gallons of motor oil in my 95 Pete with a 3406e motor. Motor uses 1/2 gallon less oil In a 10,000 mile operating distance. And oil samples come back with better viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius. Would recommend this to anyone with a semi truck.
Cody C. - Verified Buyer
Things are expensive these days and with prolube I'm going to try to get every penny out of my equipment as I possibly can and the proof is in the pudding!
Robert B. - Verified Buyer
Great product! Added this to my 200k mile Jeep 4.0. It has always ran smooth, but man with this it runs silky smooth! Will make sure I always have this on hand in the shop!
Jackson H. - Verified Buyer
Got it in my 78 Trans Am. Motor seems real happy, like the wind is at my back. I'm going to use it in all my vehicles now!
Tim H. - Verified Buyer
I'm not a snake oil easy sell, I don't buy mechanic in a bottle stuff. I really went out on a limb with this, and got better than expected results. I immediately noticed a cooler engine temperature and increased oil PSI!! By 4 degrees and 8 psi, which is very noticeable with the L98..Prolube did indeed improve operating conditions...absolutely amazing. So paw paw ain't telling no lies.."Proofs in the pudding!!" I will definitely be purchasing again!!
Mitch M. - Verified Buyer
It's not snake oil! I added it to my 2015 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special with a 103. Around 2 min after not warmed up I noticed a significant reduction in vibration in the bars and mirrors at idle. After a 1 hr ride the head temps were around 12-16 degrees cooler than normal. Added it to the transmission and it shifts smoother and quieter. I'm extremely shocked and will be a prolube customer for life.
Samuel C. - Verified Buyer
This stuff works wonders!!!!! I will be using it in everything i own from here on out!!!
Andrew E. - Verified Buyer
Running prolube in a Detroit diesel series 60: I was very curious how this product would work because I’ve used others that did very well .. But Prolube made my 1.2 million miles Detroit idle so smooth and quiet and I didn’t even have enough for the full treatment i needed 44 oz and only got a quart and it still did awesome ! Can’t wait to get a gallon!!!!
Kylie V. - Verified Buyer
My Corvette loves it and I Love it! I'm 65 years old I've used lots of additives and this one really works. Can't wait to get it in my other cars and my diesel truck.
Christopher T. - Verified Buyer
I tested Prolube in my Harley Davidson, it significantly reduced the engine temperature and the engine runs a lot quieter. Now Prolube is in all my vehicles.
Steven N. - Verified Buyer
This stuff is amazing. There was a noticeable difference in the over all sound of the engine and vibrations.. very Impressed.
Timothy S. - Verified Buyer
My sxs has never been so quiet..
Travis F. - Verified Buyer

Nothing Compares to Prolube Oil Treatment.

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Lowest Treatment Ratio

Wide Range Multi-Purpose Use

Quiets & Smoothes Noisy Engines

Works in Gas & Diesel Engines Instantly

Increases Fuel Economy with Frequent Use

Reduces Engine Wear at Startup

American Family Owned & Operated

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

How often should I use Prolube Oil Treatment?

To maintain the products benefits we recommend adding Prolube to every oil change.

How much Prolube do I add to my oil?

Treatment Ratio:

  • Engine (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart motor oil) For best results, use 2 oz of Prolube / 1 quart motor oil
  • Heavy Duty/High-Mileage (3 oz / 1 quart motor oil)
  • Differentials (1 oz of Prolube to 1 quart of gear oil)
  • Gearbox (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of oil)
  • Power Steering Pump (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of oil)
  • Automatic Transmission: 2 oz MAX of Prolube Oil Treatment
  • Manual Transmission: 1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of transmission fluid
Do I need to drain some oil out before adding Prolube Oil Treatment?

When adding Prolube Oil Treatment to used oil, make sure there is room by draining some oil out beforehand. Make sure not to add Prolube Oil Treatment to an already full crankcase, doing so will exceed your engines maximum oil capacity and can cause engine damage. If your dipstick shows that the oil is below the maximum mark, you can usually add Prolube without draining oil out.

Is Prolube Oil Treatment compatible with regular and synthetic oil?

Yes. Prolube is suitable for use in both synthetic and conventional engine oil.

Is it OK to use Prolube Oil Treatment in motorcycles with wet clutches?

Yes, use 1 oz of Prolube per quart of engine oil in motorcycles with wet clutches. Check the owner's manual beforehand to ensure it does not specify against the use of friction modifiers.

Will Prolube Oil Treatment void my warranty?

No. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act allows consumers to use additives of their choice without voiding their warranty except for specific additives that have been noted as incompatible. Vehicle manufacturers are not allowed to void the vehicle warranty just because aftermarket parts or additives are on or in a vehicle.

Should my motor be broken-in prior to using Prolube?

Yes, we recommend following your engine manufacturer's break-in period before adding Prolube Oil Treatment.


Prolube Oil is an American family owned and operated company since 1988. Our highly-concentrated products are formulated for racing, cars, trucks, boats, semis, motorcycles, lawn equipment, industrial & agriculture. Prolube specializes in creating the world’s most extreme lubricants to handle almost any application.