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Do I need to drain some oil out before adding Prolube Oil Treatment?

When adding Prolube Oil Treatment to used oil, make sure there is room by draining some oil out beforehand. Make sure not to add Prolube Oil Treatment to an already full crankcase, doing so will exceed your engines maximum oil capacity and can cause engine damage. If your dipstick shows that the oil is below the maximum mark, you can usually add Prolube without draining oil out.

How often should I use Prolube Oil Treatment?

To maintain the products benefits we recommend adding Prolube to every oil change.

Is Prolube Oil Treatment compatible with regular and synthetic oil?

Yes. Prolube is suitable for use in both synthetic and conventional engine oil.

Is it OK to use Prolube Oil Treatment in motorcycles with wet clutches?

Yes, use 1 oz of Prolube per quart of engine oil in motorcycles with wet clutches. Check the owner's manual beforehand to ensure it does not specify against the use of friction modifiers.

Will Prolube Oil Treatment void my warranty?

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act allows consumers to use additives of their choice without voiding their warranty except for instances where specific additives have been noted as incompatible.

Can I use Prolube Oil Treatment in a brand new vehicle?

Prolube should be added to new vehicles after completing their break in cycle in accordance with the owner's manual.

What can I add Prolube Oil Treatment to?

You can use Prolube Oil Treatment in any make/model as long as you follow the directions! 1oz of Oil Treatment per 1 Qt. of motor oil that your engine takes. (Example: A 2023 Honda Civic takes around 5 quarts of oil. The correct amount of Oil Treatment for that vehicle is 5oz).

Treatment Ratio:

  • Engine (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart motor oil)
  • Differentials (1 oz of Prolube to 1 quart of gear oil)
  • Gearbox (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of oil)
  • Power Steering Pump (1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of oil)
  • Automatic Transmission: 2 oz MAX of Prolube Oil Treatment
  • Manual Transmission: 1 oz of Prolube / 1 quart of transmission fluid
Does Prolube Oil Treatment take the place of motor oil?

No, Prolube Oil Treatment is designed to be added to the oil in your crankcase, making your standard motor oil a super oil!


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Our quality assurance team exacts extensive quality control measures. However, in the case of receiving damaged goods, email us and we will handle the issue on a case by case basis.

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