Riverside Dragstrip & Speedway (1964-1978)

Founder Paul Wireman, became a car enthusiast in his early 20s, leading him to open his own dragstrip known as Riverside Dragstrip & Speedway in Proctorville, OH from 1964-1978. Visitors would come to watch races on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer and it attracted racing stars from all around during its time.

Paul then went on to race late models throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s until his final race in 2002. Winning 60+ races throughout his racing career.

Proctorville, OH USA

Riverside Archives

Riverside Dragstrip 1964


The Founding of Prolube

After Riverside Dragstrip closed, he moved on to opening Prolube Auto Clinic, offering full-service auto repair and car washes.

During the late 80s, Paul partnered with experts to engineer an oil additive that would significantly reduce the friction in motors and so, he began experimenting with different variations until the perfect formula was created.

He found that his discovery increased engine life, lengthened time between oil changes, and not to mention, gave his cars that edge to outperform the competition. What was once an idea to fulfill his own need as a driver transpired into what is now known as Prolube Oil Treatment. Since then, Prolube has been used in 5 winning National Championships in NASCAR, NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle and JEGGS Pro Stock Truck.