North Carolina, USA

Good stuff

"Got noticeable vibration reduction and what seem to be less blow by. Also used it in two 350 CI motors, and it seems to really help them run noticeably smoother"

DARNELL FARMS / Prolube Bundle N' Save

Prolube oil treatment fixes dryer noise

"After watching all the Prolube bearing Tiktok's I figured it might help with my noisy bearing on my dryer. PROLUBE FOR THE WIN."

Michael T. / Prolube Oil Treatment, 1 Quart

South Carolina, USA

Prolube I’ll put that sh*t in EVERYTHING!!!

"Boy was I blown away, this is the catsmeow. My truck feels completely different. I could tell the difference as soon as I hit the road I have smother shifts. I’ll be a lifetime return customer."

Justin M. / Prolube Oil Treatment, 1 Quart

Utah, USA

Great stuff

"Tried just about everything on the market, after putting this in an engine and listening to a lifter tick disappear it shocked me. Honestly have never listened a tick just go away and stay away. Great stuff. Will be ordering lots in the future."

Alex J. / Prolube Oil Treatment, 1 Quart

Oklahoma, USA

Great Product A+

"I used a vibration sensor that’s 4-20ma, 4=0 inch per second and 20ma = 1 inch per second movement. After adding Prolube the engine vibration did decrease some. Went from 7.000ma to 6.833ma after adding Prolube."

Jason M. / Prolube Oil Treatment, 1 Gallon